About É Nóis



E Nois [Eh Noyce] 

É Nóis is a Brazilian Portuguese phrase that literally translates to “It’s us,” although as slang it can also be used to express “I’m with you," or "We got this.”  


For The Next Generation | Para A Próxima Geração

É Nóis supports making Brazilian Jiu Jitsu accessible to as many children as possible; in this country and abroad regardless of socioeconomic status. So far, we have been fortunate enough to team up with Alley Cat, Girls in Gis, and Guardian Gym to provide hundreds of gis and rashguards to underpriveliged children across the world.


Quality Of Craft  |  Qualidade E Artesanato 

Based out of Los Angeles, we are artists and craftsmen/women who are passionate about the process of creating our own pieces, often times by hand in our own studio. We favor unique design and tend to turn left when the rest of the traffic is turning right. And we tightly control our in-house printing process to guarantee that the print preserves the ultra soft and natural feel of our apparel. As we say here at É Nóis, "so soft you'll want to slap your grandaddy". 


Diversity In Jiu Jitsu | Diversidade No Jiu Jitsu

É Nóis also supports diversity in our sport. We believe Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has amazing potential to connect people of diverse backgrounds. We believe that everyone should be welcome in our community regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status and/or sexual identity.



What Is The Meaning Behind E Nois?

É Nóis (pronounced Eh Nois or Eh Noish depending on where you are in Brazil) literally means "It's Us."  However, it's a slang expression (the correct spelling is "É Nós.")  I would compare it to "oss," however it is not directly linked to BJJ or martial arts.  It would commonly be used to express "I'm with you," or "I get you."  With that said, I prefer the literal meaning - “It's Us.”  BJJ is us and our overarching goal at É Nóis is inclusivity.  We think everyone should have the opportunity to train regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and/or socioeconomic status.  


How Would You Describe Your Brand Style?

Our style is raw, subtle and craft quality.  We like clothing that looks like human hands took part in its manufacture and that is utterly unique and fashion forward.  We also think it is important to share the process with our customer.  We print our own shirts and I personally print every new sample.  This is because the print process is the creative process. I've never walked into the studio and walked out with the exact product I had in mind beforehand.  The printing process is where I get to experiment and get my creative juices flowing.  When you separate the designer from the process you lose 50% of the creative opportunities.  That is why we are currently moving toward a model where all our products are finished in our studio. 

As far as imagery, I think BJJ clothing is already beginning to mature and eventually we will leave behind the less subtle wording and graphics like "tap or snap."  We are bigger than that and smarter than that and we can express our culture without yelling about it.  That's why we try to use subtle and abstract wording and let our images speak for us.